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| Dog Grooming and Pet Supplies in a quaint environment for you and your pets.

Grooming Services

We have comfortable and clean bathing stations that put your pets right at ease. Our bathers are experts at both getting your pets as clean as possible, but also making the experience enjoyable. We have a wide variety of bathing products that meet the different needs of different coats and skin types.
Our team knows how to keep your dog's coat looking and feeling great throughout the year. You will be happy year round! We are experts in styling and care for all of the different types of breeds — large and small, young and old.
Brush Outs
Our team knows how to make sure your pets coat looks and feels great. We help avoid matting and other issues that arise from unkept coats. We have a variety brushes that work for different coats to ensure that each and everyone shines and feels extra smooth to the touch.
Ears & Nails
There are many benefits to keeping your dogs nails trimmed. At The Pet Waggin', we do a professional job and take every precaution to make sure the nail clipping is safe, and easy on your pet. You'll avoid scratching carpets, people, and furniture. Our experts take extra care to make the process easy on your pet and ensure the job is done well everytime.

Our Store

Off Ritchie Highway in Severna Park, MD (behind Severna Park Bowling Lanes)

836 Ritchie Highway
Severna Park, MD
E-mail: Phone: (410) 757-PETS (7387) Hours: Mon-Sat (8:30 - 2:00)

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